Public Announcement

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, we have suspended all face to face services and we will continue  to support refugees and asylum seekers by adapting services for the phone and online.

Contact Information

All our staff are working from home so you can contact them Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm by calling the below dedicated phone numbers for different projects:

Advice and information :
Phone :07498464530

Youth Activities :
Phone :07572525255

Phone : 07508796169

Counselling :
Phone : 07983437432

Volunteering and Mentoring :
Phone : 07983437491

Admin (General information) :
Phone : 07983437425

Why Barnet Refugee Service

BRS aims  to create a society that respects and values difference between people and sees this difference as an asset where refugees and asylum seekers recognise themselves and are recognised by others as human beings of equal status. We are fully committed to equality of opportunity and taking positive action to fight discrimination in all areas of our work.

Our unique and inspiring “Integrated Holistic Model of Support” is developed by us based on our own research, evaluation, experience, a model which develops mental health, improves community cohesion and increases the life chances of vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers.

We have extensive experience of successfully delivering services in a safe, confidential and friendly environment and are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of our clients.



Volunteers do not have more time, They just have more heart !    

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