Ammar Bajboj

I am a refugee from Syria. I graduated from the Faculty of Law at Damascus University 2003, and continued my studies in Egypt, where I obtained a master’s degree in public law in 2006, then obtained a PhD in law from Cairo University in 2011, my thesis entitled “International Cooperation to Combat Terrorism Crimes”. Until 2014, I worked as a lecturer at the faculty of law of Damascus University, and the Syrian Virtual University.  I was also a lawyer in the Syrian Bar Association. As a result of the worsening violence because of the war in Syria, I moved to London. I am currently working at a human rights and refugee organisation and is interested in furthering his research on international criminal law, terrorism and international responses to war crimes in Syria. I am also a visiting research fellow in the department of war studies at King’s College.

‘ I’m very proud to be a trustee at Barnet refugee service which has had a positive effect on me. Not only has it increased my knowledge about refugees and asylum seekers, the More importantly it has boosted my confidence. I was always looking to find a way to help people fleeing  of war, and my presence at Barnet Refugee service helped me to achieve what I was looking for.  It feels great to help refugees who have left all their belongings, family memories and friends behind to build new lives’