Zoe Aslanpour

I am passionate about equality, fairness and justice and that has led me to become a public health specialist with the aim of investing my efforts to improve people’s life and contribute to their holistic health and wellbeing.

With ever increasing international conflicts resulting in people displacement, many men and women, young and old have been uprooted from their home and homeland fleeing all they knew for safety and survival. I believe that it is our responsibility to support refugees and all those affected by violence. We can genuinely make a difference. Just as people are forced to flee their homes due to the actions of others, they can also be assisted to recover from trauma and renew their lives through our actions.

In my day job as the Head of Public Health and Postgraduate Clinical Studies at the School of Life and Medical Sciences, University of Hertfordshire, my aim is to educate the next generation of health care practitioners in addressing the inequalities and supporting hard to reach, refugees and asylum seekers by integrating them into the communities they live in.

My involvement with “Barnet Refugee Services” started 15 years ago when as the Assistant Director for Public Health I commissioned their services in Barnet. Five years ago I joined the BRS as a trustee and for the last 2 years have been the elected chair. Our mission as the organisation is to promote physical and mental wellbeing of our clients as well as educating the public on refugees and asylum seekers’ issues in support of their settlement in UK.